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Hi! My name is Corinne Willigar and I am the founder and creative director for Corinne and Crowley.

Corinne Willigar
After many years of working in interior design and now travelling and living in many countries, my husband and I are happily returning to Denmark where I can rekindle my love of interior design, entertaining and enjoying life. Crowley is a reference to my mom who taught me how to bake, sew, and create a beautiful home no matter where we were, for which I am forever grateful.
I have a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia in Canada, a Master of Arts from the University of Phoenix, USA and an Executive MBA from Stanford University, USA. I have redesigned, redecorated, and staged dozens of homes in Canada, United Kingdom and Denmark.
My goal with respect to interior design is to create a feeling that you are coming home, but to your favourite hotel. A place where you feel welcomed, cared for and special. I can do everything from decorating and renovating the whole house, to helping choose a new sofa or living room table that ties the room together. I can work with many design styles as most importantly, this is your space, and the design, workflow, and style needs to work for you.
If you want to see more of my style (and beautiful pictures) please follow me on Instagram @corinneandcrowley and follow me here on my blog where I will share my interior decoration tips, entertaining and other ideas, great and small.