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KunstIndustriens' story started in the 1940's in a distinguished bookstore in Bredgade 67 in the city of Copenhagen. The store specialised in Catholic literature and was a supplier to the Catholic church, Sankt Ansgar.

In 1947 Sven Erik Damsholt was hired and the bookstore became known as Sankt Ansgar Bookstore, and not only as a supplier for catholic literature. Soon it was supplying fine quality handmade candles.

Lack of profit in producing books gave Damsholt an idea, and when he became sole owner of the bookstore, he started his own home production of the hand-dipped wax altar candles for the church, In the beginning the production was done in the back of the store and it took 8 days to produce 20 candles.

He called his candle company KunstIndustrien after the former museum KunstIndustrien Hus, which was located across the street. Later KunstIndustrien was passed on to his son-in-law, Ib Diamant, who ran and expanded the company for the next 30 years, Today KunstIndustrien produces more than 60,000 wax altar candles a year and is owned by the entrepreneurial couple Steen and Britta Frost. KunstIndustrien presents a wide collection of quality candles each with its own special story.

Their candles are produced with respect for the environment and with a focus on sustainability. From recycled packaging products to collecting re-cycled candle stubs for their outdoor torches, they have truly focused on creating products that we can all be proud to use.

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