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Lifestyle and Interiors

  • The Warm Glow of Danish Culture: Celebrating Candles and Candlelight

    Hygge, deeply ingrained in Danish culture, represents a feeling of warmth, contentment, and togetherness. Candles play a vital role in creating such an inviting atmosphere. The soft, gentle glow of candlelight instantly transforms a space, adding a sense of intimacy and relaxation.
  • Contemporary Maximalism: A Bold Design Movement Revolutionising Interiors

    Contemporary maximalism represents a shift away from the restrained and minimalist aesthetics of the past, inviting homeowners to embrace boldness, vibrancy, and self-expression in their interior spaces. This design movement has revolutionized the field by encouraging endless creativity, breaking design rules, and fostering a captivating blend of styles. By incorporating the principles of contemporary maximalism into your own home interiors, you can create a visually stimulating and personalized space that truly reflects your unique personality and style.
  • We are ready to get outdoors....and bring it inside!

    Outdoor fabrics have come a long way from the stripped awnings of the 1960's and later marine fabric of the 1970's. Today, there are many colours and patterns to choose from and they are very practical to use inside your home where high traffic, sticky fingers, and general wear and tear occur.