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We are ready to get outdoors....and bring it inside!

I think I can confidently say that everyone is ready for Spring this year.

From the first blooms of the snow drops in the Danish forest near our summer house, the anticipation for something fresh and new abounds. 

I usually take this time to evaluate my outdoor spaces - what needs to be updated, refreshed, or recycled. This year, one of the updates will definitely be our outdoor sofa. Still covered in it's original fabric and a lot of cat hair from our adopted outdoor cats, it is ready for new life. I have some beautiful new white outdoor fabric (yes I am a risk taker) from Ralph Lauren that we will use to update the sofa seats and new outdoor cushions from Designers Guild which will add some pops of colour and pattern.

Outdoor fabrics have come a long way from the stripped awnings of the 1960's and later marine fabric of the 1970's. Today, there are many colours and patterns to choose from and they are very practical to use inside your home where high traffic, sticky fingers, and general wear and tear occur. 

Many of my clients have asked if they can use outdoor fabric to recover their indoor sofas or dining chairs.....the answer is absolutely yes! Outdoor fabric is great for seating areas and pet beds where you want to have a chance to wipe away accidental spills and dirt. Outdoor fabric can also be used for drapes where there is concern of small sticky fingers. 

Outdoor fabric is not a bullet proof solution for all things "mess", but some of the best attributes about indoor-outdoor fabric are its excellent stain, mold and mildew resistance and super cleanability. 

If you haven't looked into outdoor fabrics as an alternative, I encourage you to take a look at the new fabrics. There are many brands on the market and you are welcome to see our collection of outdoor fabrics from Ralph Lauren and Designers Guild in our showroom.

Spring is coming....let's get ready to celebrate!